How to become a Client

A-Conversio welcomes the opportunity to provide portfolio management services to you. Our account opening process described below, refers to various matters of interest to Natural Persons and Legal Entities and data required by us in order to open a new account to prospective client(s).

It includes all forms to be completed and documents to be signed by Retail Clients, Professional Clients or Eligible Counterparties. Also included are our Fees Schedule, our Order Execution Policy, Risk Warnings and the Investor Compensation Fund information.

Instruction Forms
Prior to completing any form, we encourage you to review the preliminary information below:

1. Terms of Business
2. Description of Financial Instruments and Principal Risks
3. Best Order Execution Policy
4. Conflicts of Interest Policy
5. Investor Compensation Fund
6. Client Categories and their Differences in Protection
7. Complaints Submission Procedure
8. Statement of Risk Warnings
9. Safeguarding of Retail Client Financial Instruments or Funds
10. General Schedule of Fees and Charges
11. Business Continuity Policy
12. Outsourcing Policy

The account opening documentation allows A-Conversio Capital to conform with the laws and regulations of the Republic of Cyprus as well as with the European standards governing financial markets participate in the international effort to combat Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing and fraudulent activity.

"Know Your Customer" (KYC) is a guiding principle in our endeavor to provide Clients with the best, personalized approach while rendering portfolio management services. We kindly ask you to read carefully all the documents plus any Appendices. We seek your understanding and cooperation in furnishing the required information and appreciate your time and effort in doing so.

Account opening instructions:

Please read carefully the introductory documents to become familiar with our activities and policies.

Complete and submit to our Client Administration Desk or relevant Fund Administrator (Fax: +357 22 44 79 22 or E-mail: the relevant account opening documents.

After fulfilling the account opening requirements, you will receive a letter confirming your acceptance as a Client. This letter will also state your classification as either a Retail, or Professional Client, or as an Eligible Counterparty regarding the risk of money laundering and terrorist financing and the extend of investor protection you may be entitled to.

Sign the letter of acceptance, the relevant agreements and other required documents stated and send them to A-Conversio Capital (Fax:+ 357 22 44 79 22 or E-mail:

Immediately afterwards you will receive your identification code from the Account Opening Officer. You should use this code any time you contact us in relation to the service we provide you.

Use the relevant forms in order to transfer money, place orders and deposit or transfer your financial instruments.

We welcome this opportunity to provide you with portfolio management services. If you have any questions about the procedure described above, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Tel: +357 22 44 77 32 or E-mail: